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Fuel theft is a serious problem that can cause significant financial losses, especially for busy service stations. However, there are effective solutions that can help reduce this problem and improve business operations. One such solution is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), which is a powerful technology that can read various parameters of a moving vehicle, including the number plate, make, model, and color.

ANPR solutions can also be integrated with a large data network that includes information on repeat offenders, stolen or canceled number plates, and other relevant data. By using this technology, service stations can detect potential fuel theft incidents and alert their staff without requiring constant monitoring of the premises. This allows console operators to focus on improving the customer experience and other important tasks.

At Drive-off-Alert, we specialize in designing cost-effective ANPR solutions that can help service stations reduce fuel theft incidents and improve their operations. Our system is fully integrated with a large network of fuel stations and accessible by hundreds of policemen, making it a powerful tool for preventing and responding to fuel theft incidents.

With just a few clicks, console operators can report drive-offs to police officers or capture failed-to-pay incidents, providing valuable evidence for investigations and recovery of lost funds. Additionally, our system can identify regular and new customers, allowing businesses to improve their customer experience and loyalty.

Our proven system has reduced drive-offs by more than 70% for many of our clients and assisted fuel stations in recovering some of lost funds when cars involved hava a genuine registration plates as they are reminded of dues in other stations in the network. With excellent return on investment within a few months, makes our solution a smart investment for any service station that loses more than $350 per month due to fuel theft.

In summary, fuel theft is a serious problem that requires effective solutions. ANPR technology, when combined with a large data network and a user-friendly system like Drive-off-Alert, can significantly reduce fuel theft incidents and improve business operations.

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