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Petrol Theft Alert & Prevention

Precision Licence Plate Recognition Technology Tailored for Petrol Stations

# Drive Off Alert System is a reliable and precise solution for petrol stations to combat fuel theft.

# Our decade-plus of experience in the service station industry ensures the system is an accurate fit and effective.

# Our collaboration with a large group of branded and independents enhances our effectiveness further. 

# You can expect a high return on investment along with a hardware warranty and technical support in place.  

# Contact us today to learn more about how the Drive Off Alert System can benefit your petrol station.

# We can also offer industry-specific ANPR/LPR solutions tailored for other sectors too. Contact us for further information.

Forecourt Awareness

Our solution offers valuable insights, including non-payment history and other key data points, to enable console operators to make informed decisions in loss prevention

Drive Off Reporting

With our user-friendly platform, you can easily upload incidents with photos and videos to our network.and notify Police officers through integrated email feature

Incident Gallary

Our incident gallery provides the latest information on incidents in your area, including valuable data that empowers console operators to identify and prevent losses

Debt Collection

Car owners can utilize the Incident QR code to pay with their smartphone. Additionally, we offer a third party service, provided contact details are available.

Stop Fuel Theft!
Existing IP CCTV Systems can be used for ANPR/LPR
An elegant iPad App with needful features
Many stores built several years ago lack the required level of Forecourt awareness due to design faults, inadequate CCTV coverage, and ...
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What our customers say

"35 of our locations use the app and have found it very beneficial in minimising drive offs & failure-to-pays. I would recommend the app to anyone who wants to have better control of their forecourt."
Simon Boardman
Operations AA
“We use a full ANPR system, this is a 5-star tool. I've personally recommended it to a few people already. I'm a big fan of the system.''
Anand A
Manager 7 Eleven Wantirna
"We are using this app combined with their ANPR (Automated number plate recognition) system. We find it very useful and user friendly. Since the trial. we've minimised revenue loss to a great deal. The team behind this technology is awesome. They take any feed back seriously release the updates on a regular basis." Great work guys!"
Kiran Boppana
Manager United Station Westgate Out bound
"The Drive Off Alert Application has been a huge asset to my business. After installing the app, drive offs have been reduced by about 75%! Mal is also very easy to deal with and replies to any troubleshooting matters in a prompt manner. I highly recommend this app."
Manager BP Deer Park
"We were an early adopter of the Drive Off Alert system. Our Wantirna store saw an immediate reduction in our losses from Drive Offs and Failure-to-Pay events. I could not recommend this product and the people behind it more highly."
Paul Andronicou
Director, Fast Fuel
"I am currently using the Drive Off alert app at my fuel store and it's made a huge difference! It saves time and money and makes life a lot easier. I strongly recommend that every fuel store should use this app!"
Jagjeeth Singh
Manager 7 Eleven Officer East