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We would like to draw your attention to the importance of Forecourt awareness in the petrol station industry and how our Drive Off Alert system can be a valuable tool in improving it.

Many stores built several years ago lack the required level of Forecourt awareness due to design faults, inadequate CCTV coverage, and other factors. This lack of awareness can lead to potential theft and non-payment incidents that can be costly for petrol station owners.

By using our Drive Off Alert system, losses from theft and failed-to-pay incidents can be proactively minimized. Our system provides valuable data insights that enable a better understanding of your customers in your forecourt, including their past payment behavior and alerts for past and potential non-payers. This puts you in control and allows necessary steps to be taken to prevent potential theft and non-payment incidents.

Additionally, non-payment data is shared among operators in our network facilitating timely decisions to prevent possible theft. This improves Forecourt awareness and prevents incidents from occurring.

Manual entry of incidents and cheat sheets of registrations at the console are ineffective, prone to error, and outdated. Our modern Drive Off Alert system uses cutting-edge automatic number plate recognition technology to bring an effective, easy-to-use, and accurate solution. By implementing our system, Forecourt awareness can be improved passively, reducing the risk of theft and non-payment incidents and ultimately saving you money.

We encourage you to join Drive Off Alert today and start improving your Forecourt awareness passively. Thank you for considering our system as a solution for your petrol station