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Number Plate Recognition with Drive Off Alert™

Drive Off Alert™  is integrated  with latest Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system based on state-of-the-art video processing technology to provide accurate license plate number reads. It is highly reliable and feature-rich, working optimally in different weather conditions, as well as being capable of recognising number plates of fast moving vehicles. With automatic alerts, stores can now devote more time towards customer experience and upselling. 

How It works: Automatic Number Plate Recognition system takes video stream from cameras and recognises plate numbers in real time. Cameras need to be pointed at either the entrances or Pumps. We provide a small PC with our software which will connect to your cameras via the local network. Your IP Cameras can also function normally and keep recording with NVR. Most IP cameras work with our system. Contact us to discuss the existing IP cameras suitability. If your IP Cameras and Wifi is ready, we can deploy our plug and play solution in no time anywhere in Australia. If you don’t have IP Cameras at your site, contact us for installation options.

Note: If you have already invested in a stand alone ANPR solution, we can try to integrate it with the Drive Off Alert system to bring you the full benefits of the network. Our ANPR solution is more cost effective than such stand alone systems. Contact us for more details.

ANPR Drive off Alert

Superior Analytics & Robust Performance at an Affordable cost

ANPR Drive Off Alert System™ with superior analytics, empowers console operators with greater situational awareness. It’s a cloud based platform that shares drive-off incidents within a wide network while completely restricting any other data access, therefore making private business data highly secured.